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We are responsible for our work. We therefore understand that we must provide our clients with the strongest possible formal guarantees, including:

  • A professional liability policy with coverage of 3,000,000 euros.
  • Registration of our data files with the Data Protection Agency.
  • Application of appropriate security and data protection protocols to data processing. We implement protection techniques which offer optimal solutions and thereby approach data processing from a much broader perspective than that of simple data protection.
  • Annual Account Audit. Review and verification of annual accounts, as well as of other financial or accounting documents which could have third party effects.
  • ISO 9001 certification.
  • We rely on the Process Audit Department for the correct monitoring and effectiveness of all our projects, establishing internal SLAs as an alternative means of performance monitoring to that set out by the client.
  • TECNOTRAMIT is part of AEPROSER (Spanish Association for the Outsourcing of Processes and Services for Financial Entities and Corporations), which makes it a signatory to its code of ethics.