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TECNOTRAMIT was incorporated in 2001 in Barcelona by a team with over 20 years’ experience in the Customer Care sector. Starting with the mortgage business and becoming one of the most important companies that offer services for financial entities and real estate companies in Spain and Portugal in just a few years.

Our business areas include:

  • Mortgage Management
  • Asset Management
  • BPO Outsourcing
  • Legal Advice


  • Leading company in mortgage management and formalisation.
  • We have more than 450 employees specialising in the formalisation, attendance in signing, post-signature management and cancellation of mortgage transactions.
  • We have six formalisation centres distributed between Madrid, Barcelona, Palma and Lisbon.
  • Training of integrated teams to manage specific transactions (real estate development loans, property leasing, syndicated loans, etc.).


  • We specialise in real estate management and administration.
  • Our clients entrust us with the administrative and legal and tax management of their real estate assets.
  • We work with various financial entities, real estate companies, investment funds and family offices to adequately manage their real estate assets.
  • Likewise, we work with retail clients through our subsidiaries Treshabitat and Trescomunity for real estate intermediation, rental management and property management.
  • Our comprehensive management encompasses all the phases of the process, from the acquisition of buildings earmarked for lease to their sale, taking care of the related administrative and legal management.


  • Over 12 years’ experience providing high quality and productive services in the different areas of activity of financial entities and real estate companies.
  • We specialise in the outsourcing of administrative, legal and commercial processes.
  • We have specialist production centres (near-shore) and centres shared with our clients, which afford us flexibility, efficient workload management and allow us to adapt the service to the changing needs of our clients.


  • Comprised by a team with over 21 years’ experience in advising different financial entities and their subsidiaries.
  • Regular legal advice.
  • Recovery of amounts.
  • Defence in litigations initiated by clients and third parties.
  • Defence of real estate subsidiaries in litigations.
  • Representation of financial entities in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Defence in administrative disciplinary proceedings.
  • Defence of entities, subsidiaries and their employees in criminal cases.

FY 2019

40.816 Mortgage files

46.884 Acts performed by our attorneys

83.909 Acknowledged powers

8.260 Non-mortgage files

335.750 Properties managed

81.950 Validated appraisals