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In the area of Asset Management we specialise in real estate management and administration. Therefore, our clients entrust us with the administrative and legal and tax management of their real estate assets, both that corresponding to their assets in use and that arising from contentious awards.

We work with various financial entities, real estate companies, investment funds and family offices to adequately manage their real estate assets. Our comprehensive management encompasses all the phases of the process, from the acquisition of buildings earmarked for lease to their sale, taking care of the related administrative and legal management and offering our facility service to ensure the adequate maintenance of the buildings.


  • Management and administration of real estate assets. Lease formulation and management, signature management and renting administration.
  • Cadastral management. We verify and update the cadastral situation of the properties, preparing and managing regulation files of old buildings with an improper cadastral situation.
  • Management of Immovable Property Tax. Management, control and regularisation of tax payments.
  • Homeowners’ Associations. Management and update of the economic status of buildings and delegation of attendance at meetings on owners’ behalf.
  • Management of the IMIVTNV. Supervision of the settlement process of the Municipal Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IMIVTNV), submitting declarations and self-settlements, in addition to obtaining preliminary estimates on the payments to be accrued on future transfers.
  • Delegated signature of Dations. We appear in representation of our client in dations in payment, verifying the material status of the building and organising the material possession and lock replacement process.
  • Sales and intermediation channel. We organise sales channels for the transfer of large real estate packages and intermediation in purchase and sale transactions.
  • Rental management. We manage leased buildings in the tenant search phase, collection management, monitoring and management of delinquency where necessary.
  • Formalisation of asset purchase and sale transactions. Preparation of formalisation files and arrangement of the notarial signature.

We perform rental management and intermediation in conjunction with our client’s departments or the real estate agents designated by them, in addition to the personnel of our subsidiary Treshabitat (, who will define a marketing plan tailored for our client in accordance with the quantity and type of buildings to be sold, in addition to specific plans for rental management projects.