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In the area of business process outsourcing (BPO) we have the necessary experience, professional team and technology to provide specific, high quality and productivity services in the different areas of activity of the financial entities.

We have specialist production centres (near-shore) and centres shared with our clients, which afford us flexibility, efficient workload management capacity and allow us to adapt the service to our clients’ changing needs.

Pre-foreclosure claims.

  • Verification of contentious files before remitting them to the Lawyers, verifying the current situation of the building.
  • Supervision of the settlement account, sending telegraphic notices to the interested parties and subsequently ensuring the adequate practice thereof.
  • Request for notarial certification of balance statement and performance of all the administrative operations during the pre-foreclosure phase, in accordance with the operational model of each client.

Property auctions.

  • Performance of controls and specific monitoring of the auction files during the legal processing thereof.
  • Receipt and management of the documentation remitted by Attorneys and Lawyers, requesting in first instance reported specific incidences.
  • Preparation of legal and economic valuation files in order for our client to decide whether or not to award itself the assets under execution.

Dation in payment.

  • Preparation of dation files, including requests for new appraisals and debt certificates to determine the award value.
  • Monitoring of the process of dation approval by our client, scheduling of the notarial signature, preparation of the replacement of the building’s locks, delegated signature of the transaction by special power of attorney with simultaneous lock replacement.

Tax management of awarded buildings.

  • Verification of the cadastral situation, status of payment of Property Ownership Tax (IBI) and Homeowners’ Association, in addition to the management and payment at the time of settlement of the Municipal Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (IMIVTNU).
  • We perform all the processes for updating the legal and tax situation of the awarded building, leaving it ready for marketing.

Administration of Leased Buildings.

  • Management of cadastral incidents.
  • Monitoring of the regular payment of Property Ownership Tax (IBI) in leased buildings and processing of payment receipts for subsequent re-invoicing to the owner.

Acknowledgement of powers associated with the procurement of bank products.

  • Opening of current accounts, fixed-term deposits, etc.
  • Personal credit facilities and loans.
  • Mortgage loans.
  • Financial leases.
  • Purchase and sale of procurement products through financial entities.
  • Changes in ownership by inheritance or donation.

Contact Center.

  • Inbound Call Center for receipt of operational queries, information services support, scheduling.
  • Outbound Call Center for recovery services, delinquent account management and service surveys.