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We are responsible for our work. Therefore, we understand that we must provide our clients with greater formal guarantees, including:

  • Professional Liability Policy with a cover of EUR 3,000,000.
  • Registration of our data files at the Data Protection Agency.
  • Implementation of the adequate data security and protection protocols for processing information. We provide protection techniques that offer optimal solutions aimed at addressing information processing from a much broader perspective than data protection.
  • Annual audit of accounts. Review and verification of annual accounts and other financial statements or accounting documents that may have third-party effects.
  • ISO 9001 Certification.
  • We also have the ISO 14001 Certification for the Barcelona offices at Sicilia Street, 91
  • We have a Process Auditing Department to ensure the adequate monitoring and efficiency of all our projects, establishing internal SLAs and an alternative measurement monitoring system to that established by the client.
  • TECNOTRAMIT forms part of AEPROSER (Spanish Association of Outsourcing of Processes and Services for Financial Entities and Corporations), making it a signatory of its code of ethics.