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Solidarity Dinner. “A dream on the table”.03/12/2018

April 2018. Solidarity Dinner. “A dream on the table”. The Manresa-Bages Rotary Club held a solidarity dinner in order to raise funds for the Althaia Foundation’s Oncology and Haematology Day Hospital. The charity event was attended by more than 700 people at the l’Escola Joviat Pavillion.

The evening, named “A dream on the table”, was attended by a wide range of local social and economic groups, who contributed to the sponsorship campaign organized by the Althaia Foundation to procure new equipment which will improve the technical and individual ability of health centre professionals to provide safety, peace of mind, trust and hope to sick individuals and their families.

TECNOTRAMIT was once again involved in this noble cause and was represented at the event by our Network Representative Director, Juan José Rivas.