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Inmoscopia Forum III03/12/2018

January 2018. Inmoscopia Forum III. Inmoscopia is an academic institution firmly committed to an international presence and whose goal is to enhance the knowledge of all those working within the real estate industry, through research and academic activity. In this sense, it is a space for coming together and reflecting on the property sector, and is open to professionals, collaborators, public and private institutions, and society in general.

At Forum III, held in January 2018 at the Caixa Forum, TECNOTRAMIT was once again actively involved and was one of the main sponsors of the event. Our CEO, Vicenç Hernández, was the presiding Chairman that day and said a few introductory words regarding the evolution of the industry and the main risks and opportunities for 2018. Several panel discussions were later held which were chaired by Professor José Luis Suárez of the IESE, as well as a series of talks regarding the current state of the real estate sector, which were attended by leading industry professionals.