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In a clear commitment to provide our clients with a comprehensive service, TECNOTRAMIT has a Legal Advice department formed by professionals specialising in providing legal advice to financial entities and their subsidiaries.

Our team has over 21 years’ experience in advising different financial entities and their subsidiaries, offering the following services:

  • Regular legal advice. Acknowledgements, completion and response to official government and court documents, reports on the legal viability of asset transactions, contract formulation, deed minutes, guarantees and any other activity inherent to the provision of legal advisory services to the entity’s offices and departments.
  • Recovery of amounts. Experience endorsed by more than 5,000 foreclosure procedures, ordinary foreclosure, third-party domain and paramount right claims, payment procedures, execution of leases and ordinary lawsuits.
  • Defence in litigations initiated by clients and third parties. Experience endorsed by more than 1,200 declaratory proceedings in floor clause claims, general procurement terms and conditions, multi-currency loans, investment products, derivative financial instruments, buyback of disputed loans and any other type of claim brought by clients or third parties.
  • Defence of real estate subsidiaries in litigations. Both in litigations relating to repossession and the defence of other disputes.
  • Representation of the entity in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Defence in administrative disciplinary proceedings. AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency), protection of competition, ACC (Common Control Agency), municipal Consumer Services, both in the administrative phase and in the contentious-administrative phase.
  • Defence of entities, subsidiaries and their employees in criminal cases. Particularly in actions related to the activity.

Likewise, our legal team has extensive experience in corporate assessment, particularly in situations of conflict:

  • Advice to the shareholder or board of directors at annual general meetings.
  • Litigations in the defence of the company or in the shareholder’s interests.
  • Administrator liability litigations.
  • Criminal cases arising from corporate conflicts.