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As a services company, our strength lies in our people. The development of career plans and internal promotions, as well as continuous training, are basic elements for guaranteeing our clients maximum efficiency in the execution of our projects.

TECNOTRAMIT has become a reference within the sector in the last years, both nationally and internationally thanks to our human resources and the fact of having been able to anticípate the needs of our customers. A great vocation and spirit of service, experience and knowledge of the market have made it possible for different financial institutions or real estate companies to require our services for the management of their assets and real estate operations.


Help to our customers in the improvement of the processes that form part of his chain of value and that have direct impact in his main lines of business.


To be the go-to BPO company for financial institutions and real estate companies in matters of document processing, real estate asset management and legal counselling, achieving maximum levels of customer satisfaction as well as loyalty.

Our values

  • Commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and complying with the laws governing our business, as well as to safeguarding the confidentiality of all data we handle.
  • Quality and professionalism, nurturing the training, recycling, awareness and motivation of our team.
  • Social responsibility, ensuring ethical conduct based on equal opportunities— regardless of race, gender, religion or disability.
  • IT innovation and development through the continuous improvement of our services and automated systems, as well as our internal processes, according to annually set objectives.