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TECNOTRAMIT is one of the leading mortgage management and formalisation companies in Spain. We have over 450 employees who specialise in the formalisation, attendance in signing, post-signature management and cancellation of mortgage transactions both for private individuals and for developers, and have six centres distributed between Madrid, Barcelona, Palma and Lisbon.

We offer our clients the most extensive catalogue of solutions, comprising from the comprehensive preparation of the entire file by staff relocated at specific Formalisation Centres to the remote performance of partial process tasks.

Training of integrated professional teams to comprehensively manage the preparation of very specific transactions (real estate development loans, property leasing, syndicated loans, etc.).

  • Performance of scoring processes based on the client’s specifications and/or applications.
  • Management of the formalisation process flow (mechanised or manual, as appropriate), in the entity’s own information systems.
  • Prior verification of the registration of the immovable properties at the Property Registry, preparing the corresponding legal report and proactively proposing legal solutions where necessary.
  • Control of the real estate appraisal process, scheduling appointments and resolving appraisal incidents. • Numerical closure of the transaction with the end clients, detailing the transaction costs.
  • Numerical closure of the transaction with the end clients, detailing the transaction costs.
  • Preparation of notarial minutes in accordance with the minute book of each entity, as well as the preparation of specific minutes for special transactions, for the subsequent approval thereof.
  • Arrangement of the physical act of signing with the end clients and other interested parties (sellers, APIs, Notary’s Office).

We carefully select the staff members who attend signatures and continuously supervise and ensure that our clients receive the adequate service and advice.

Our attending staff identify themselves at the Notary’s Office as our client’s attorneys, supervising the notarial minutes of the transaction prior to signing it sufficiently in advance so as to rectify it if necessary.

We have first-rate executive personnel who will appear on behalf and in representation of our clients in complex transactions, offering them the security that they will be signed in accordance with their specific instructions and the peace of mind that the usual difficulties and setbacks in these cases will be resolved effectively and professionally.

At the delegated signing process we can act under two different operating models:

  • Accompaniment of financial entity personnel to provide logistical support in the signature process.
  • Direct attendance as attorneys, with powers conditioned by limits, by supplementary certification or by means of any other proxy system.

Once the transaction has been signed, our objective is to obtain the prompt and correct registration of the deeds in the corresponding Register. In addition to the traditional processes of document collection, tax settlement, registration and withdrawal from the Registry, all the information is available to our clients via web-based tools.

This information can be quickly included in their applications through the design and implementation of the corresponding communication interfaces and via the AEPROSER platform, of which we form part.

  • Comprehensive assistance in the preparatory phase of the transaction, facilitating prior provisions of funds, studying the different available instrumental alternatives for the transaction and actively participating in its preparation at our client’s request.
  • Control of incidents during document processing, particularly in the case of registration defects.
  • Continuous notification of the status of the process to the agents involved. Our information systems inform us about the phase and status of the process at all times in order to facilitate control and supervision thereof.
  • Full digitisation of the generated documents for control in the event of future incidents and uploading to our clients’ systems.
  • Auditing of signatures, which allows us to reliably verify the authenticity of the transaction signed against the theoretical minutes and against the economic conditions envisaged for the transaction.