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With 1,300 employees distributed across Spain and Portugal, TECNOTRAMIT has a highly specialised management team, specific technical and legal personnel and specialists in the formalisation and creation of structured teams.

We have tailored training plans for groups segmented by type of project, in addition to specific career plans for employees with specific skills that are essential to the success of our strategic plan. Our career plans have enabled 94,7% of our executives to be trained and promoted at the Company.

Our vocation for service, experience and market knowledge have led our clients to engage our services to manage their assets and outsource their processes by offering them individual solutions and comprehensive proposals.

We are especially sensitive to maintaining an employment policy that respects equality (73.46% of our staff are women), in addition to policies aimed at combating exclusion from the labour market (6.15% of our staff are over 50 years old).

Both in the case of people at risk of social and labour market exclusion and suffering gender discrimination, we have non-salary discrimination policies to ensure the equality and objectivity of our remuneration policy.

Lastly, we have agreements with various Foundations for hiring persons at risk of social exclusion (2.3% of our staff currently belong to these groups).


ISABEL PARDO.Chief Executive Officer.

VICENÇ HERNÁNDEZ. Chief Executive Officer.